- Guaranteed unique device ID
- 100% reliable, no duplicate ids
- Support existing device ids
- Easy migration
- Store device metadata
- Track user across multi devices
- Trusted cloud services
- Secure communication over SSL
- Supports any Android, iOS, Windows
- Web based access control


Get device id, when you need it, which is guaranteed to be unique. Also use any existing id, so the existing device information is still valid.


Track user across multiple devices by attaching user information to each device. Also you can store device metadata.


Secure user data  by restricting compromised devices with the help of our web and integrated API, combined with platform native code.


Ability to get same unique device id across multi installation of mobile app. Get new or existing ids based on various optional parameters.

Why use complex implementation when there is a simplified API that is easy to use, secure, and 100% reliable. Device ID provides trusted, cloud-based solution to help you uniquely identify each device that has your App installed. Our solution is through simple & reliable API calls to get unique device id, store device infomation, and track device user. Hence you are not limited by any restriction imposed by the device platforms, such as UUID restrication on iOS, Android ID is sometimes not reliable. Our solution provides you gurenteed unique device id, and help you to concentrate of your business solution with peace of mind. On top of all no special permission are required.

Our flexible price plan support more then 1 Billion devices. You can also do a free trial for up to 1000 devices, and pay only when you are ready. Our pricing model is also quite simple and billed on monthly basis, based on various price plans. 

Please contact us for any enquiries, customisation, or more device support. We do have enterprise plan for clients with huge user base and any further optimisation, and with our native libraries for Android and iOS you build a powerful combination that can provide same device id across multiple app installation. All plans are included with professional technical support, and extensive support.

Device ID @ 124Apps

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